Nanoleaf Elements Hexagon 六邊形 智能照明 (套裝/擴充裝)

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Design your personal oasis

Wood look panels are designed to add an elegant and organic feel to your home. Choose from a range of warm to cool lighting options to illuminate your space with a natural glow. Made to look beautiful on or off.


Nature-Inspired Smart Decor

The perfect harmony of art and technology, Nanoleaf Elements are both beautiful wall art and customizable ambient lighting made to look beautiful on or off. Create geometric artwork with the nature-inspired organic Hexagon shapes or turn them on to set the ideal ambience. Control using the touch buttons and find additional smart customizations through the Nanoleaf App.



Product Features

Ambient Whites

Set the ideal ambience with adjustable warm and cool whites (1500-4000K) to fill your home with soft illumination.


Reacts to Touch & Music

Touch to ignite a dynamic glow across your layout or play your favorite music and see panels dance along to the melody.


Lighting For Your Body and Mind

Ease into your mornings, create calm throughout the day and enjoy better quality sleep with customized lighting adjustments and features like Circadian Lighting.


Smart Optional

Use the touch buttons to control the Elements (brightness, cycle through Scenes, on/off), or open the Nanoleaf App for more customizations.


Control by: ‘THE NANOLEAF APP’, Customise and control your lighting

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Hexagon Expansion Kit 六角形智能照明燈板 (3 塊裝), Hexagon Starter Kit 六角形智能照明燈板 (7 塊裝)


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