Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi Instant Wifi System

Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi Instant Wifi System



Robust Connection

No more waiting for content to load or moving around to get better connection. AmpliFi has super antennas to beam reliable Wi-Fi to every corner.

Instant and Simple Setup

2 minute setup. AmpliFi App makes setup quick and easy. Plug-and-play tech works with your current ISP and modem.

Intuitive Design

Designed to complement your home. Touchscreen display replaces traditional blinking lights so you no longer have to guess what your router is doing.

Customizable App Control

Manage and check your network from home or away. Create family profiles, schedule internet access, and control guess access.

Optimize Your Wi-Fi

Mix & match AmpliFi Routers and MeshPoints together for optimal coverage.

Wi-Fi Technology Expertise

It’s a system designed by Ubiquiti Labs, a division of Ubiquiti Networks. Our products are deployed in over 180 countries and handle complex networks like stadiums, hotels and long distance communications across mountains.

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