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AOV 84 Inch 1:1 tripod projection screen

AOV 84 Inch 1:1 tripod projection screen

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The use of white plastic screens for business education is commonly used for conferences and teaching. The base fabrics are made of woven canvas. Our company uses the same high-grade white plastic materials, although the traditional white plastics are also made with excellent materials to produce first-class high-quality products. It is best to use the above medium and high-end HD products for business use. The new synchronous motor of motor JK is faster and retractable than the general synchronous motor, which is relatively effective in reducing motor noise. The stroke controller controls the position of the projection screen and accurately positions it. The remote control is integrated with the projection screen power cable for easy use. 

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proportion specification model shadow area Cover size
Package dimensions
W(mm) H(mm)
1:1 60" TS060S 1520 1520 1720x80x160 1780x215x155 12.2
70" TS070S 1780 1780 1980x80x160 2040x215x155 13.4
84" TS084S 2130 2130 2330x80x160 2400x215x155 15.7
96" TS096S 2440 2440 2640x80x160 2720x215x155 20
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