TranSay Wifi MT102A AI Instant Translator

TranSay Wifi MT102A AI Instant Translator



Features :

- Two ways instant voice and text translation

- Voice recording

- Touch screen

- Only WiFi connectivity to internet

- Bluetooth (for headset connection only) 

Support voice texting and voice translation for English and Chinese language

• WiFi connection to internet

• Speech-to-Text translation

• Speech-to-Speech translation

• 2 inches Touch panel

• Built-in microphone

• Built-in speaker

TranSay supports 43 languages: Chinese (Mandarin/Mandarin), Cantonese, US (English), Australia, Canada, UK (English), India, New Zealand, Egypt, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Vietnam and Thailand

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