List of products by brand HP

  • HP f330s

    The middle-frame is made out of high tensile and flexible composite into a unibody. Being well-arranged and -organized, the composite is only 76 g. Seek to achieve excellence in meshing elaborate components perfectly with the small machine body and integrating with practical safety functions such as
  • HP f350s

    f350 equipped with top sports video processor, 6 pieces of all optical high pervious to light glass lens, drive more equipped with rest reminder, motion detection, collision detection and other highly practical safety function.
  • HP f550g Car Camera


    f550g is simple in appearance and precise in hardware. Build on meticulous consideration and excellent technique, it is as delicate as jade. The sense of touch is more extensive and lively than perception. f550g is equipped with powerful image processing solutions in ways that help resolution of videos reach 1440P and frames of images reach 120fps. The results are over 33.3% beyond the standard in peers. At HP, we devote ourselves to R & D, as a result, what we manufactured is surely amazing and breathtaking. Besides, f550g integrates with headway reminder, headlight reminder and parking surveillance. These powerful functions lead the world. HP believes in what are optimized can fully reflect the strength of products. 

  • HP f770

    The f770 uses the classic design of the rearview mirror, with a screen size of 5.0 inches, a large aperture of F1.8, parking monitoring, and a variety of advanced driver assistance systems.
  • HP f860 Car Camera


    You’re ready for that “life happens” moment with the HP Car Camcorder f860 mounted in your vehicle. This premium Full HD 1080p camcorder with an ultra-wide angle lens and large aperture allows you to record your trip in amazing detail. The built-in G-force sensor can detect events and trigger Emergency Video Recording mode. The rear camera 720p also helps you to watch any movement behind your car. Equipped with latest ADAS features including Land Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) lead you a more safety way to where you are heading.

  • HP f870x + RC3

    You’re ready for that “life happens” moment with the HP Car Camcorder f870x mounted in your vehicle. This premium Full HD 1080p camcorder with an ultra-wide angle lens and large aperture allows you to record your trip in amazing detail. The built-in GPS allows for real time tracking of speed and heading using the 2-quadrant display. The rear camera with 1080p resolution helps you to watch any movement behind your car. When you are ready to playback your video on the PC, the SuperCar application (included) will enhance you experience with Google Map position tracking as well as speed, heading and G-force sensor information. The included car power adapter has a long cord for easy installation and assures the camera is always ready.
  • HP f910g Car Camera


    Drive your car with peace of mind – that no matter the chaos on the road – the HP Car Camcorder f910g is there to automatically record your drive in amazing Full HD.detail while the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) aids you in navigating the hazards of the road. And when ready to playback your video on your PC – with the included SuperCar application – the f910g will replay the video while providing you with data such as: position tracking, speed, heading and G-force information. 

  • HP MP100


    Ultra-lightweight, yet capable. Its compact size comes complete with convenient connectivity options perfect for any setting.