List of products by brand Erato

  • Erato Apollo 7s


    World’s most compact true wireless Bluetooth 4.1 earphone - Erato Apollo 7s. No wires, no tangles - total free with simple pairing bring sonic enjoyment to the music lovers. 3D Surround: Patented EratoSurround™ technology allows you to experience music on a whole new level. Extremely Lightweight: Each earphone weighs just 4 grams, which is actually lighter than 2 US Dimes Both sides used independently: Either right or left, either Apollo 7s earphone can become the master unit and then paired with the other to deliver full stereo sound . Apollo 7s features a micro-driver (5.8mm) designed to satisfy even the most demanding audio purist. Build in a proprietary composite driver diaphragm and advanced driver motor-structure.

  • Erato Muse 5


    The Muse 5 is designed for everyone in mind. Free yourself from wires with one of the world's most advanced true wireless earphones. Muse 5 comes with FitSeal™ and ERATOSURROUND™, making the Muse 5 an earphone you'll never leave the house without. 3D Surround: Patented ERATOSURROUND™ technology allows you to experience music on a whole new level. Bluetooth 4.1: Full support for advanced AAC, SBC, and aptX audio standards MEMS Omni Directional Microphone: FitSeal™ Sleeves: Patented FitSeal™ sleeve allows users to choose ear tips size, and overall ear fitment size by allowing interchangeable tips and interchangeable earbud body sleeves. FitSeal™ allows the perfect fitment, made for each ear, and a great seal for maximum response.