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  • Netgear Nighthawk X6S...


    A person has a mobile phone, a tablet, a notebook, and has three or four mobile devices for counting fingers. I want the department to be smooth and continuous. The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S (R8000P) tri-band WiFi smart router has triple-band WiFi technology, which makes the Internet more stable and more efficient in allocating Wi-Fi resources. It is no longer afraid of being occupied by BT and affecting the transmission speed.

    The Nighthawk X6S provides a set of 2.4 GHz (750 Mbps) and 2 sets of 5 GHz bands (1625 Mbps). With Beamforming intelligent connection, MU-MIMO and dynamic QoS, it can automatically adjust the speed and bandwidth according to the needs of the device. The wireless settings all have the most efficient connection performance. 

  • NETGEAR Orbi...


    NETGEAR Orbi is not a general Wi-Fi router, but a complete wireless network system. It is the world's first tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi network system, covering walls, stairs, gates, etc., whether it is a Millennium Mansion. The three-storey village house/ocean house or L-shaped unit can be seamlessly covered. The Orbi kits include a host and a satellite. The satellites use wireless signals to connect to the host. They don't need to be close to the wall plugs. They can be placed anywhere, extend the signal coverage, and improve signal problems. The more satellites, the wider the coverage. Coverage multipliers up to 5,000 ft. Independent line transmission Supports up to 250 people Use one set of two pieces

  • NETGEAR Orbi Mini...


    Wireless connection AC2200 (866 + 866 + 400Mbps) Simultaneous tri-band Wi-Fi Support IEEE® 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz – 256QAM Support IEEE® 802.11a/n/ac 5GHz – 256QAM Store 4 GB of flash and 512 MB of RAM Antenna 4 high performance antenna with high power amplifier Beamforming+ 2.4 & 5 GHz band (866 + 866 + 400Mbps) MU-MIMO MU-MIMO enables simultaneous streaming of data over multiple devices Connection: 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports Orbi mini host router: 1 WAN + 3 LAN Orbi mini satellite router: 4 LAN

  • Linksys VELOP (3pack)...


    Linksys Velop AC2200 Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Intelligent Mesh System, 3-pack, Easy set-up, Maximize WiFi Range and Speed, Works with Alexa.

  • Linksys VELOP (2pack)...


    Linksys Velop AC2200 Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Intelligent Mesh System, 2-Pack, Easy Setup, Maximize WiFi Range & Speed for all your devices

  • Netgear R6220

    Keep the Streams Flowing

    Keep your many WiFi devices streaming effortlessly with AC WiFi technology that delivers the speed, range, and reliability you need. Avoid wireless interference with simultaneous Dual Bands. Play games on your tablet. Listen to tunes on your smartphone. View movies on your media player. Whatever you want to do, you're covered.

  • Linksys WRT1900ACS


    Wireless-AC, up to 4.3x faster than N technology: Simultaneous dual-band speed up to 600 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + 1300 Mbps (5 GHz) for media - intensive applications

  • NETGEAR Orbi Pro...


    The Orbi Pro AC3000 Tri-band Add-on Satellite* by NETGEAR expands your Orbi Pro Wi-Fi System coverage by up to 2,500 square feet with high-performance FastLane3 patented Tri-band AC3000 Wi-Fi technology. Features include MU-MIMO, wire-free installation, 3GB AC Wi-Fi and flexible placement. Better Wi-Fi for Business. Everywhere.

  • Linksys EA7500


    Linksys Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Smart WiFi Router (EA7500)